Business Focused Advice
(c) Scott Landsbaum
     Over 20 years’ experience in providing strategic and legal advice, commercializing intellectual property, and negotiating transactions.  I’m able to analyze opportunities from financial, marketing and legal perspectives to identify the key goals and create and execute multiple plans for achieving them.  A strong focus on my client’s needs is core to my success.

     My clients include a broad range of companies, entrepreneurs, inventors, designers and artists in diverse industries such as toys, packaged food, apps, pet products, home and garden, apparel, jewelry, marketing and promotional services, health and beauty, and restaurants.  Some of the items I’ve assisted in bringing to market include a brainwave sensing toy, water oxygenating nozzles, a health maintenance app, several girl’s doll lines, custom made chocolates, and antiseptic hand gel.  I’ve worked on numerous entertainment properties and represent fine artists in large scale commissions and fashion designers in licensed couture lines.

     Known for being insightful and efficient, I quickly bring clarity to complex situations.  My wide breadth of knowledge allows me to craft innovative solutions and generate lasting partnerships.  I have embraced a personal style of respect, communication, and informality which allows me to relate to and form relationships with persons no matter their title or background.  I enjoy working with people to bring creative products and properties to a broad audience.