Business Focused Advice
(c) Scott Landsbaum
     I provide strategic and legal advice to corporations and individuals with a focus on the commercialization of intellectual property.  Source and negotiate transactions including license and distribution agreements, and sales and acquisitions.  Assist clients in maximizing opportunities and navigating complex problems, including trademark and copyright issues.  I represent many of the foremost professional toy inventors and handle transactions with major entertainment studios, sports leagues and Fortune 500 companies. 

     Typical transactions include entertainment and brand licenses, invention licenses, sales and distribution agreements, acquicitions and sales, app development agreements, agency-client and agency of record agreements, promotional and product supply contracts.  I also handle copyright and trademark matters and informal dispute resolution.

     Specialties include: Strategic Advice, Intellectual Property, Transactions, Negotiation, Licensing, Acquisitions, Consumer Products, Entertainment, Inventions, Apps, Software, Trademark, Copyright, Inventors, Artists, Designers, Marketing Agencies, Product Development, Distribution